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Audition Track - 6 Week Prep Course

$125Purchase required to enroll

Audition Track is for AerialCLT students who have already performed in the student showcase a minimum of 2 times, not necessarily on the same apparatus, and would like to have more independence in the creative process. Instead of a guided 8 week choreography course, you choreograph on your own during practice time and present your rough draft in an audition (the first date of the course you enroll in). If you pass (and you will because you are awesome!), you then will participate in a four week refinery course. The sixth week will be dress rehearsal.

Time Line:
Week 1: Audition
Week 2: Work!
Week 3: Polish!
Week 4: Perfect!
Week 5: Solidify!
Week 6: Dress Rehearsal

How Student Showcase's work in 3 easy steps:
  1. Enroll in a Course that fits your schedule.
  2. Attend practice times once they open for showcase participants (August 8th for the October 7th showcase unless you are Intermediate II or Private Track and already have clearance to attend practice time)
  3. Audition on the first date of the course time. If for any reason you do not pass the audition, a make up MAY be given. If it is not an option, a full refund will be issued back to the credit card used for purchase or as account credit (your choice! We are flexible)
  4. Throughout the 4 classes, you will have focused performance prep exercises, group critiques, solo critiques, and a dress rehearsal to get you prepared for the big day.
  5. Perform your heart out at the showcase.

What you get in the Audition Track Student Showcase Course:
  • 4 classes of instruction
  • 1 20 minute solo critique/private lesson
  • 25% off private lessons if you would like more 1 on 1 time to prepare your piece
  • 1 dress rehearsal
  • a download of your performance
  • your performance on the AerialCLT YouTube channel for you to share with friends and family online (due to copyright laws and YouTube, some songs may be silenced and is out of our control)
  • professional photos will be available for additional purchase (usually $1/each)

Things you are responsible for to prepare for the Student Showcase:
  • choreographing your own piece
  • choosing your music (make sure it is on iTunes otherwise you must provide the MP3 to your instructor)
  • choosing and purchasing your costume, hair, makeup, headpieces, props, etc
  • attending all 4 class times and dress rehearsal
  • continuing to attend a minimum of 1 class a week in the apparatus you are performing on (Private Track counts for this)
  • attending additional practice times if necessary ($10 a visit or included in Unlimited and Private Track packages). Practice Time Schedule HERE.

For sessions beginning in April 2019: May 17

For more detailed information on the showcases, click HERE.

Fine Print:
  • You must attend every class and dress rehearsal in entirety in order to perform (Very few exceptions. Email Amy if you have an issue. (amy@aerialclt.com).
  • If you at any point in the course pose as a safety concern you will not be permitted to perform and no refund will be given.
  • You must be able to get through your entire choreography from start to finish by week 5. No do-overs, no resting mid performance, etc.
  • You must continue to attend a minimum of 1 class a week in the apparatus you are performing on (Private Track counts for this)
  • By enrolling in this course you agree and commit to the above.
Cancellation policy You must cancel more than 14 days in advance to receive a full refund.