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Summer Variety Showcase

$40 Purchase required to enroll

We are wildly excited to bring to stage a night of inspirational works in our Summer Variety Showcase. This show is an open call to any performer with a message to share on stage. We welcome you to present your heartfelt work on our stage in this evening event that surely will fill and inspire hearts all over.

This show will host audiences in person only.

- have performed once before in a previous AerialCLT Variety Show or AerialCLT Guided Track prep course (any questions on this, email us at info@aerialclt.com)
- have 6+ months on your performance apparatus
- are able to commit to the rehearsal and show date

How It Works:
  1. Enroll yourself (or if you are part of a group, just one member) below.
  2. Fill out the performer information form sent to you in your confirmation email.
  3. Prepare, prepare, prepare!
  4. OPTIONAL Attend the community prep session (Friday, May 24th @ 7P) to get you ready for the show!
  5. Attend dress rehearsal, dry walk through (Friday, June 14th @ 7P)
  6. Perform your heart out at the show! (Friday, June 21st, 7-9p)

What You Get:
  • Your performance professionally filmed and on the AerialCLT YouTube channel for you to share with friends and family online (due to copyright laws and YouTube, some songs may be silenced and is out of our control)
  • Professional photos will be available for additional purchase (usually $1/each)
  • Professional lights and audio on our beautiful stage
  • Optional community prep session
  • 25% off private lessons to prepare your piece, if you want! (just be sure to schedule with your instructor and request the discount)

Things you are responsible for:
  • Attending the show: June 21st, 5-9p
  • Attending dry walk through/dress rehearsal: June 14th @ 7P
    • this will not be a full run through. Just enough to confirm music, costume, stage directions, etc.
  • Choreographing and preparing your own piece (available performance apparatus listed below). If you choose to prepare your piece at AerialCLT during our practice times, be sure you understand and adhere to our practice time safety requirements)
    • Any material not taught by AerialCLT needs to be pre-approved before it can be practice in AerialCLT Practice Time. Email info@aerialclt.com with your request (pretty much everything gets approved, it's just so we know what you are working on in case there is ever any incident.)
    • Practice Time Schedule HERE.
  • Providing your music in MP3 format, 5 minute maximum song length
  • Your costume, hair, makeup, headpieces, props, etc (NO GLITTER!)
  • Optional: Attending the community prep session, May 26th (mark your calendars, and register for the Community Prep Session on our online schedule). We will run group critiques and partner exercises so that you are left with loads of feedback and food for thought as you put the finishing touches on your piece!

Apparatus Available To Perform On:
    *heights are without mats, and approximate, as the floor is not level throughout the studio. This is as exact as we can get with measurements!
    • 4 high silks
    • 1 tab-less single point lyra, 36" (fixed height, between 53-56" from ground)
    • 1 tabbed double point lyra, 36" (fixed height, between 53-56" from ground)
    • 1 static trapeze (height of middle bar, fixed height, approx. 62" from ground)
    • 1 dance trapeze (height of middle bar, fixed height, approx. 62" from ground)
    • 1 hammock (fixed height, approx. 45" from floor)
    • 2 ropes (upon performers request and approval prior to performance prep beginning)

Fine Print:
  • If you or any group members at any point leading up to the show pose as a safety concern you will not be permitted to perform and no refund will be given.
  • By enrolling in this show you agree and commit to the above.
  • Performer sign up ends 5/19 (limited performance spaces)

Cancellation policy A refund may be issued if enrollment is cancelled a full 14 days prior to the show start date. To cancel, please email info@aerialclt.com with your full name, and a reason for your cancellation.
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