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Silks - Tissu Toolbox w/ Artoor

$175 Purchase required to enroll

Photo: @annaciconephotography



This workshop will work through sequencing in aerial silks using various techniques. Students will learn to string together climbs and wraps for creative and intricate pathways. Be prepared for some wheeldowns!

Students should be comfortable with straddle inversions in the air. Students should be able to comfortably safely climb 10-12 feet off the ground. The sequences can be long, so confident grip strength will be helpful.

Make sure to wear comfortable clothing that protects the backs of the knees (no shorts).

Since discovering aerial arts in 2015, Artoor has been honing and fine-tuning his technique and presence in the air. He became dedicated to fully immersing himself in his training, learning as much as he could from a multitude of coaches across the country. Although having an all-around foundation across the traditional aerial disciplines, Artoor’s focus is his connection to his Aerial Hoop.

​As a Coach, Artoor is excited to share his depth of knowledge of aerial technique. His mission is to help his students understand the apparatus as an extension of their bodies and not just a piece of equipment. He has spent his time carefully understanding finesse and style in addition to possessing a solid technical foundation. His students can expect to better understand how their bodies move off the ground.

Check out Artoor's website and Instagram!
Cancellation policy You may cancel and request a refund from info@aerialclt.com with a minimum of 14 days prior to this workshop.