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Lyra - All Levels - CENTERED w/ Mandi Johnson

$85 Purchase required to enroll

Saturday @ 2:15 | 60 minutes | Lyra | All Levels

Having trouble finding that perfect spin? In this workshop we will go through multiple ways to gain strength and technique to center and maintain your spin! You will learn different drills you can continue to work on with your own practice as well as guidance finding the right positioning so you can continue honing your spin technique. Using the lyra we will develop a variety of spins, facilitating dynamic entrances and artistry. Be prepared for prolonged spinning!

This workshop is all levels! Experience with lyra and the ability to invert is recommended.

Bring your chalk and rock rosin (no spray, rosin please!). Ginger for dizziness. Anything that you find helpful to keep the nausea away is recommended!

Mandi Johnson has been doing aerial arts for over 13 years and has performed throughout multiple states like Utah, Colorado, Montana, Michigan, and Idaho. She has had the opportunity to train and perform all over the world; in places like Australia, France & Ireland, to name a few. Currently she lives in Salt Lake City, Utah teaching and performing but travels quite often throughout the year. She aspires to always continue growing and learning for herself as well as sharing her love through teaching others. She competed at Vivafest 2022; placing in 3rd in emerging pro lyra and 2nd in emerging pro duo. Lyra will always be the one that has her heart but loves performing on all sorts of other apparatuses; like aerial umbrella, aerial sphere, lollipop lyra, silks, hammock, duo hammock and duo lyra. In addition to aerial she also is skilled at fire dancing, stilt walking and hair/makeup artistry.

Cancellation policy You may cancel and request a refund from info@aerialclt.com with a minimum of 14 days prior to this workshop.