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Hammock - Intermediate+ w/ Dan

$85 Purchase required to enroll

12/10 | Sunday | 1:30P
Ages 15+.

This workshop is for the Intermediate+ Hammock practitioner seeking to enhance their skills and explore new material. There will be a drop focus in this workshop, so bring your courage and love for aerial excitement! Get ready to explore new Hammock shapes and concepts, working to build fluidity and grace to enter and exit new shapes and drops.

Intermediate: (early intermediate) proficient with inversions in back pack and standing on the loop.

Make sure to wear snug fitting clothing that covers your midriff, armpits, and the backs of your knees.

At the age of 8, Daniel began his aerial artistry at Independent Lake Camp in Orson, Pennsylvania. 10 years later, he then moved on to begin his professional journey in various locations around New Jersey and New York while attending Montclair State University. At MSU, he acquired a Bachelor of Arts in Theater Studies. In these environments, he was able to develop skills including but not limited to: Acting, Dance, Choreography, Costume Design, Playwriting, Directing, and Stage Management. By participating as a cast member as well as working on production teams, he became well rounded in what happens on both sides of the process.

After deciding to pursue his performance career, Daniel enrolled in the Intensive Professional Program at Circus Warehouse NYC and began daily training in different types of aerial, dance, and fitness. In this program, he had the opportunity to train with experts in their respective fields. His specializations are Aerial Sling and Aerial Hoop, but has also been formally trained in Rope, Flying Trapeze, Tissu, Single-Point/Static Trapeze, and Contortion.
Cancellation policy You may cancel and request a refund from info@aerialclt.com with a minimum of 14 days prior to this workshop.