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Nutrition for Acrobats - Bierwirth

$50 per classPurchase required to enroll

Thoughtful eating behaviors and habits are pivotal to athletic achievement. The best way to choose performance-oriented foods is to understand their function in the body. This class will cover how your body uses energy before, during, and after workouts and how you can modify your eating habits to be at your peak when you are training or performing. Most critically, we will discuss how the body regulates blood sugar, when muscles store or burn their own proprietary energy sources, what levels of protein you will need to maintain and gain muscle, and which vitamins and minerals are particularly important for high-level athletes. Questions are welcome. Students will be given optional conditioning and stretching exercises during the class to make good use of time.

Prerequisites: Anyone is welcome. Students with questions specific to medical conditions should set up a private appointment with the instructor.

Juli Bierwirth teaches and performs hand balancing, partner acrobatics, and acrobatic pole for Canopy Studios in Athens, GA. She is also the studio's on-staff dietitian, working with teens and adults on sports and performance nutrition. As a hand balancing instructor her greatest joy comes in demystifying balance. She loves it when students not only enjoy success, but understand why their efforts paid off and what they can do to progress further. Juli got her masters degree from Johns Hopkins in Dietetics and has been teaching circus arts for over five years.