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Aerial Musicality and Movement Performance - Platt

$50 per classPurchase required to enroll

Listen, Feel, Connect, Emote, and SHARE your experiences in the air with the audience. This workshop is for those who are ready to stop choreographing "Routines" and are ready to cross over into the world of "Performance." We, as artists, are not here for show and tell, this isn't a demonstration of aerial technique - we are here to lift the audience out of their chairs with us. We wish to bring them on a journey through aerial dance which may inspire, it may intrigue, it may offend, and it may captivate. We are going to work with music, subtlety, and with your own individual style to create something truly unique and YOU.

Prerequisites: You must come to class with a SIX skill series that you can complete without struggle or second thought. You must feel comfortable with these six skills and be able to repeat them for at least three minutes in the air.

Cheetah Platt has been a truly prodigious worldwide performer and educator in the aerial world. He has performed with Cirque du Soleil, been the headlining act on Disney Cruise Lines, finished as a quarter finalist on America's Got Talent and toured the globe as both a freelance artist and co-creator of his own full length production show. He is an internationally credited judge for both Aerial and Dance competitions, and has lead public workshops/specialized teacher training series on three continents. In 2005 he founded Aerial Essentials and his company has grown to be the premier source of reliable aerial equipment worldwide and the first and ONLY aerial store featuring a full storefront location in the entire USA. Aerial Essentials is located in Las Vegas and serves the aerial community worldwide.

In 2015 Cheetah began touring the globe with his wife and created the viral internet sensation The World Wide Wedding. His romantic sense of life and adventure has inspired many to pursue their passions and he is overjoyed to be spending this incredible festival with You!