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Straps on Silks - Scott

$50 per classPurchase required to enroll

If I had to describe my aerial aesthetic, it would probably be "Straps on Silks", because many of my very favorite Silks skills are really crossovers from straps! In this class we will go over wrist-lock sequencing, balance splits, and rollups (both chest and angel).

Prerequisites: These skills are intermediate/advanced, so students should already have a good amount of experience on either silks or straps, as well as a good amount of flexibility and strength.

Brandon is a 23 year old aerial acrobat, originally hailing from Mesa, Arizona. Since the completion of his training with Darla Davis at Aeris Aerial, and moving to his current base of Las Vegas, Brandon has had the opportunity to take on many roles both on the stage, and behind the curtain. In 2016 he was crowned U. S. Aerial Champion in Men’s Silk after the competition took place in New York City. He has performed acts at the Black and White Party with Aid for AIDS Nevada (AVAN), at Illuzion Nightclub in Phuket, Thailand, and at Citadel’s 25 Anniversary with headliners Katy Perry and Maroon 5. Behind the scenes, he has assumed roles of Aerial Choreographer and Coach for the stage musical of Tarzan with Huntsman Entertainment, and Artistic Director for Trapeze Las Vegas’ “Soux Entendre” Cabernet Showcase. He has also assumed role as Judge for the Argentine Nation Silks Tournament in Cordoba in 2016 and 2017, the Expression Dance Competition in Chihuahua Mexico, AIRE Festival in Monterrey, Mexico, and Thailand Aerial Arts Competition in Bangkok. At home, he currently works coaching classes and privates at Trapeze Las Vegas: The Studio, and helping aerialists around the world get their equipment through Aerial Essentials. Brandon also performs daily for a following of over 50,000 from around the world on his Instagram. You can see his work at @brandonscottacrobat.