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Work with your body: Practical Anatomy for the Aerial Artist - w/ Emily Scherb

$250 per classPurchase required to enroll

How do I get more flexible?

How do I achieve that next level of skill?

How do I build the strength to do that cool trick?

How do I stop getting hurt when I train?

This full-day class answers the questions that aerialists ask most often and helps them learn how to work with your body, rather than against it. We’ll talk about how your shoulders, core, and hips work together to move you through space, and how the right biomechanics can help you stretch further and be functionally stronger.

Most important, we’ll talk about how to train to your limits without getting hurt.

Based on the latest research and lots of practical, circus-specific examples, this class will help you understand your body—and your training—in a whole new way.

Prerequisites: Interest in learning how your body works in the air.

Dr. Emily Scherb began her training as a circus artist in 1992. She continued training, performing, and teaching as she made her way through school, always making sure she wasn’t too far from her trapeze. In breaks between high school and college, she joined aerial dance companies, and between college and graduate school Emily taught flying trapeze and other aerial arts while helping to manage TSNY NY. When she graduated with a Doctorate in Physical Therapy, Dr. Scherb knew she wanted to work with circus artists to serve the community that has been so important to her. Over the past decade of working with circus artists Emily has gained deep insight on how circus bodies work in the air and on the ground. As she has expanded her knowledge she has worked to share those gains with the community through workshops, teaching, and recently writing the first book to address the unique challenges to the aerialist’s body, Applied Anatomy of Aerial Arts.