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Performance Prep Practice Time

$10 per class$175A credit card is required to enroll but isn't charged until the time of service.
Performance Prep Practice Time is practice time exclusively for performers! This practice time will always be scheduled in the back room, ensuring that you will always be able to practice on the apparatus you are performing on. The backroom will be set up all performance season with the exact apparatus that will be available to perform on and that will be used in Guided Track and Audition Track classes.

Apparatus Available:
  • 4 high silks
  • 1 tab-less single point lyra, 36" (fixed height, 63" from ground)
  • 1 tabbed double point lyra, 36" (fixed height, 68" from ground)
  • 1 trapeze (height of middle bar, fixed height, 64" from ground)
  • 1 hammock (fixed height)
  • 1 rope (upon performers request and approval prior to performance prep beginning)

*Be prepared to possibly share apparatus with your fellow performers!
*Performers are still welcome to attend any other practice time but the preferred performance apparatus may not be available.