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Ground Conditioning - Online Class

Choose from:

Slow and Controlled Conditioning
This class focuses heavily on muscle isolation and how to relate ground conditioning to complex aerial movements. This conditioning is hardcore for every level of aerialist -- get ready to burn AND make gains!
It is useful to have a theraband and a mini-loop band for this class, but not required.

Circus Circuit
This course is a HIIT style workout that will challenge your body's dynamic movement and keep up your performance stamina. We will get our heart rates up on the ground in order to maximize our efficiency in the air!
No props needed for these conditioning class except for a device (phone, tablet or laptop). A yoga mat will make you more comfortable.

Yoga Ball Balance & Stability
Try this super fun and challenging workout that will test your balance! Exercise Ball needed.

Ab Blaster
You asked for it! Now, get ready to feel the burn! This class will include various exercises to find connection to your core. Please have water nearby and a towel to wipe away the sweat. You WILL need these items! A yoga mat will make you more comfortable.