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Silks Exploration - All Levels

**5 Silks Fundamentals classes are required before attending Silks Exploration classes**

In our Silks Exploration class, material is geared towards aerial sequencing and problem solving to build fluidity, grace, and stamina. Exploration classes are mixed level, but are not mixed level classes the way Fundamentals classes are. Each class we will build transitions and sequences between familiar material learned in Fundamentals, Intermediate, or Advanced level drop-in classes. Students will be given material at their own level and can expect to work with their instructor and group members to safely problem solve transitions and build creative sequencing. The class is prompt driven, in that each group would be given a few specific moves from the instructor to safely explore transitions in-between.

Prerequisites We require that you attend at least 5 Silks Fundamentals classes before registering for Silks Exploration classes. Because the classes build off of prior knowledge, it is important that you have an understanding of the apparatus before you explore.
Ages 15+ If under 18, parent/guardian waiver must be signed prior to participation.
What to wear Snug fitting clothes that cover the backs of your knees and midriff. You *may* be going upside down, so make sure everything is tucked safely into place (If clothing is not appropriate, participation will not be permitted due to safety.) The equipment looks comfy, but can easily burn your skin. Men, here is some clothing help for you.
Pre-existing conditions and injuries Anyone is welcome to try classes no matter your weight, size, or ability. We want everyone who has the desire to try aerial to visit us. But we also want to be transparent—we have a responsibility for the safety and health of our students. We hang from wrists, elbows and shoulders a lot. Any pre-existing injuries or conditions can be exacerbated and lead to long-term damage because connective tissue can be fragile. If you have any pre-existing health conditions, please carefully consider whether aerial is right for you.