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Private Track Program - Silks

$175Purchase required to enroll

The Private Track program is an excellent way to start your aerial training or enhance it. It can be treated as an add on to your existing group class schedule or it could be the only way you choose to train. The great thing about it is that you get to design your goals and training path with your instructor so that your aerial world fits YOU and allows you to accomplish things that you might not have the opportunity to do in a group class.

Below you will find availability for instructors that teach Private Track for Aerial Silks.


What you get:
  • 2 60 minute Private Lessons per month
  • Unlimited Practice Times
  • 25% off of additional private lessons

This program is good for those who:

    • Want to add on to their existing group class schedule with more 1 on 1 attention.
    • Brand new students who are nervous beginning group classes.
    • Students who have a specific skill they want to focus on
    • Students who have unique abilities, disabilities, or health conditions that might prevent them from feeling comfortable in group classes.
    • Students who want to dive in to the “next level” of their aerial training in a private setting.

How it works:
  • Think about what your goals are as an aerialist.
  • Schedule 2 private lessons per month.
  • Come to as many practice times in a month as you wish.
  • Watch yourself fly! (Pun intended).

How to get started:
  • Choose an instructor you are interested in working with. (Not sure who to work with? Email us so that we can help you pick the person that best fits you! info@aerialclt.com)
  • Schedule your private lessons. (If you don't see times available, try contacting your instructor on the "Instructor" page to see what is possible with their schedule)
  • Purchase the "Private Track Plan". (You will be asked to purchase this in order to schedule your first private lesson).
  • Its as easy as that! At your first private lesson, you and your instructor will do a lot of getting to know each other.
  • **** Your unlimited practice time will be added to your account AFTER your first private lesson
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