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Lyra - Intermediate II

**Instructor approval required to enroll in intermediate II classes**

In Lyra Intermediate II class, you will learn more advanced momentum, transitions, drops, spins, balances, and poses. A strong emphasis is placed on increasing flexibility as well as finding new paths between movements. Learn to move fluidly in, under, on top of and around the lyra and spanset. These moves will challenge what you already know about lyra, as well as help take you to the next step of your lyra journey.

Intermediate II classes are accumulative, each week builds to prepare you for the next. Attending class a minimum of once a week is required for safety and preparedness. If you have to miss a week, you will need to take a private lesson to catch up on the material. These can be split with friends! In some cases, making up a particular week is not required depending on the material in that lesson plan. First, talk to an instructor to check your options if you have to miss class for a week. If a make up can not be made, you will have to wait for the next unit to start to rejoin Intermediate I class. Some units have a halfway entry point to get you back on track. Talk to us, we will work hard to make things work for you whenever life happens to get in the way of your aerial training.

Once you have been promoted to Intermediate II, you are now eligible to attend practice time. You must continue to attend a minimum of one class per week in order to attend practice time.


Unit 6: Next Level Splits - January 2nd, 2022
Unit 7: Keep on Rollin' - April 2nd, 2022
Unit 8: Mo Momentum & Exploring the Straps - July 22nd, 2022
Unit 5: Finding More Balance - October 1st, 2022

Unit 6: Next Level Splits - starts TBD
Unit 7: Keep on Rollin' - starts TBD
Unit 8: Mo Momentum & Exploring the Straps - starts TBD
Unit 5: Finding More Balance - starts TBD