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Hammock - Intermediate I

New hammock students must begin during week 1 of the month.
Multiple straddle and ball inversions in the air, and must pass Hammock Fundamentals curriculum before attending.
Not sure? Email amy@aerialclt.com

In Hammock - Intermediate I class will be taught in accumulative sequences. Each month will begin a new sequence. Sequences are geared towards aerialists with some aerial silks experience. Please be sure to start at the beginning of the month and not drop in mid month. Weeks are accumulative.

Intermediate I classes are accumulative, each week builds to prepare you for the next. Attending class a minimum of once a week is strongly suggested for safety and preparedness. If you have to miss a week, you may want to take a private lesson to catch up on the material. These can be split with friends!

The first Tuesday of every month marks the beginning of a new sequence. Sequences are accumulative for 4-5 weeks, depending on the number of weeks in a given month. Although sequences are accumulative, if you have to miss a week, you will still be able to participate and in most cases learn new material, you just may not learn the previous weeks sequence.