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Straps - Intermediate I

Straps are an awe inspiring apparatus full of strength based skills and dynamic movement. Please note that this class is not suitable for first
timers. If you are traveling and would like to visit us to take this class, please reach out to info@aerialclt.com for prior approval to register. Straps Intermediate I classes are for the upper intermediate level aerialist who loves strength and conditioning to work towards physical feats such as meathooks, back flags, muscle ups, etc. Class will also work on spinning techniques.

Prerequisites include:

If you are an Intermediate I or higher student in any of our classes, you likely meet the prerequisites for Straps Intermediate I. Students should be able to do 1-3 pull ups, hold a shoulder lock off with a pike for at least 10 seconds, invert multiple times and be comfortable being uncomfortable.

Special Equipment:

You will need wrist covers and compression elbow sleeves to be as comfortable as possible in class. The studio has 5 sets available for students that you may borrow. If you decide you love straps, we recommend purchasing your own. Check out our recommended wrist covers and elbow sleeves.

Ages 15+ If under 18, parent/guardian waiver must be signed prior to participation. What to wear Snug fitting clothes that cover the backs of your knees and midriff. You *may* be going upside down, so make sure everything is tucked safely into place (If clothing is not appropriate, participation will not be permitted due to safety.) The equipment looks comfy, but can easily burn your skin. Men, here is some clothing help for you.

Pre-existing conditions and injuries Anyone is welcome to try classes no matter your weight, size, or ability. We want everyone who has the desire to try aerial to visit us. But we also want to be transparent—we have a responsibility for the safety and health of our students. We hang from wrists, elbows and shoulders a lot. Any pre-existing injuries or conditions can be exacerbated and lead to long-term damage because connective tissue can be fragile. If you have any pre-existing health conditions, please carefully consider whether aerial is right for you.