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Silks - Advancement Sequencing - Intermediate I

In this 60 minute class we will focus solely on the advancement sequences needed for promotion into Silks Intermediate II. Each week we’ll review a different advancement sequence that coordinates with the week we are in. Ex. Week 1, Unit 1. The goal of this class is to refresh information already learned with some extra guidance before submitting your videos. Or maybe you just want to dig deeper into theory and techniques to get your legs straighter and toes pointier. This class is NOT meant for making up material that was missed. See monthly schedule below.

Week 1 - Unit 1 “Up/Down 3”
Week 2 - Unit 2 “Open/Closed Wraps”
Week 3 - Unit 3 “Crochet”
Week 4 - Unit 4 “Bites”
Week 5 - class choice (when we have it)
**You must have previously completed the corresponding Silks Intermediate I Unit in full to attend each week**

For more information on promoting, check it out here.

Student must have attended and completed 1 full round of the unit class attending and bring corresponding unit sheet.

Unit 4: Bites - starts 1/3/23
Unit 1: Knee Hangs, Cinches, & Climbs - starts 4/4/23
Unit 2: Open & Closed Wraps - starts 7/4/23
Unit 3: Crochet - starts 10/3/23

Unit 4: Bites - starts TBD
Unit 1: Knee Hangs, Cinches, & Climbs - starts TBD
Unit 2: Open & Closed Wraps - starts TBD
Unit 3: Crochet - starts TBD